[Version fran├žaise/French version]

Today, thanks to "Rectari" of Transformice,
we have a way for play Transformice with a .exe
of the server we want. Just download this :
==> Flash Player 10<==
There are no possibilities you already have exactly
the same so download it even you have another one

After download, run it, go in "File", then click on "Open"
and type (or copy and paste xD) this :

http://transformice.com/ChargeurTransformice.swf => for french server
http://transformice.com/en/ChargeurTransformice.swf => for english server 1
http://transformice.com/ru/ChargeurTransformice.swf => for russian server
http://transformice.com/en2/ChargeurTransformice.swf => for english server 2

Given by Suicideboy (Sboy)